10258 Super Seal Storage Box 10L


10258 Super Seal Storage Box 10L

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10258 Super Seal Storage Box 10L

  • Seymour’s Super Seal boxes feature a unique seal to keep contents safe from the elements, dust, moisture and insects
  • This makes it great for long term storage of items that need to be protected, such as photographs, keepsakes, linens or documents
  • Made from transparent plastic, you can see exactly what is inside the box without having to open the lid
  • The Super Seal boxes are even food grade so you can store drygoods or pet food in bulk

The Super Seal Storage Boxes are designed for things you want to keep really clean or safe from damage, thanks to a tightly clasped lid with an extra internal seal. They come in four handy sizes – 10L, 15L, 30L and 50L.