Baby Shusher

Baby Shusher

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Baby Shusher

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breaks a babys crying spell by engaging his or her natural calming reflex. The rhythmic shush is like inside the womb, where there is a constant inundation of loud sounds from Moms body. These in utero noises can be up to 95 dBs, just like to the sound of a very loud vacuum cleaner. While the noises are loud inside Mom, is well within the recommended sounds levels, specifically to protect babys delicate ears.
is easy to use, and will shut off after either 15 minutes or 30 minutes to preserve battery life. The batteries are secure to keep your baby safe, but easy enough for you to change easily
Uses a real human shushing sound to engage baby’s natural calming reflex to soother and trigger rest.

15 to 30-minute timer and long battery life – enables long shushing sessions to assure you can get even the most resistant sleepers to sleep.
Adjustable volume control means baby gets to sleep without keeping everyone else awake!
Removable wrist strap gives you the option to carry your baby while putting them to sleep.
Comes with 2 AA batteries. Put your to work as soon as you open the package!
Made from easy-to-clean, durable, BPA- fee material
Portable and easy-to-use.

Dimensions 7 4 4 in

This item comes with a 12-month warranty.