Best Crochet Hooks with Ergonomic Handles for Extreme Comfort. Perfect Hook Set for Arthritic Hands, Smooth Needles for Superior Results & 22 Accessories.

Best Crochet Hooks with Ergonomic Hles for Extreme Comfort. Perfect Hook Set for Arthritic Hs, Smooth Needles for Superior Results & 22 Accessories.

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Best Crochet Hooks with Ergonomic Handles for Extreme Comfort. Perfect Hook Set for Arthritic Hands, Smooth Needles for Superior Results & 22 Accessories.

  • ENJOY CROCHETING WITHOUT PAIN OR FATIGUE! – Our soft rubber handles reduce & eliminate arthritis, carpal tunnel and cramping in your hands, wrists and fingers. Extremely comfortable, the cushioned handle combined with lightweight needles means less pressure, so you can crochet longer without discomfort. 
  • CONNECT & CARRY ON FAMILY TRADITIONS! – Everything you need to teach your children or grandchildren to crochet is included in this hook set. From a basic chain to an advance post stitch, our 31 tools and hooking accessories would make our Grandma proud.
  • CROCHET ANYWHERE YOU’RE INSPIRED – Ideal for travel, our convenient compact case keeps all your crochet hooks and accessories organized, and the removable pouch means you can make the most of your time crocheting anywhere!
  • PERFECTLY SMOOTH LOOPS! Our aluminum tips are silky smooth, with a deep throat so your masterpiece will never slip or snag. The tapered tips keep your yarn in place, resulting in nice even stitches – perfect for the beginner or advanced crocheter.
  • EASY TO USE! – Every hook is color coded and printed with both letters and numbers, so you’ll never be confused which hook works best for which loop. Included are 9 versatile hook sizes from B/1(2mm) to J/10(6mm) so you’re prepared for any pattern!

Why Buy This Ultimate Crochet Kit for Pain Free and Organized Crocheting from BeCreativeStore – formerly LoveArtsCrafts?

The Best Quality and Value Ergonomic Crochet Hooks With Case !

Never use uncomfortable crochet hooks again. Our high quality aluminum hooks with soft rubber handles are the answer. Even people with arthritis have successfully used these hooks! So comfortable that you can crochet for longer and take on bigger projects. Hooks glide effortlessly giving amazing results without holding and pulling. Amaze your family with hand crafted gifts!

Have All the Tools to Complete Any Crochet Project! !

If you’re sick of not having all the tools to complete projects – look no further. Our crochet kits come with 9 different sized needles, folding scissors and 21 other accessories so that you have everything handy to complete any crochet project! Creativity never stops!

Stay organized and Crochet On-The-Go Has Never Been Easier!

Our beautifully crafted and custom designed case is strong and sturdy and has a removable accessories bag to ensure you stay organised with everything in one place and easily accessible. So convenient you can take it wherever you go. Great for TRAVEL!

Crochet for Longer With No Hand Pain Or Your Money Back!

LoveArtsCrafts is committed to creating high quality products as well as ensuring customer satisfaction. You are backed by our lifetime no questions asked replacement guarantee. Access to our FREE E-BOOK will ensure that you have the creative ideas and support you need to get started. What are you waiting for?

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