Blocking pins 10 Pack


Blocking pins 10 Pack

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Blocking pins 10 Pack

  • SAVE TIME AND EFFORT WHEN BLOCKING YOUR FINISHED WORK – Add these blocking pins to your knitting and crochet supplies. Use with blocking mats for knitting (not included). Straighten stitches and even the tension in your knitting by blocking for a professional looking end product. But do it the easy way with our set of 10 knit blocking combs each of which has 6 pins plus 50 individual stainless-steel T-pins for blocking knitting in smaller areas and round edges.
  • MAINTAINING THE EFFICIENCY OF YOUR BLOCKING PINS – We’ve developed a set of knit blocking combs with covers in order to ensure that when stored, your PINS ARE FULLY PROTECTED. This is something unique to Woolove and we’re very proud of this innovation which saves you money and heartache when you can’t finish your garment because your pins have been ruined.
  • WET OR DRY BLOCKING – Whichever is your preference you’re covered with this knitting accessory. All our pins are made of rust-proof, heat and steam resistant stainless steel ensuring that you never have rust stains on your finished item. Sharper and thinner pins ensure easy insertion and removal protecting your work from unwanted holes and tears. This is an essential addition to your knitting or crochet kit.
  • ALWAYS AT HAND – All the blocking pins fit neatly inside the special round metal storage box we’ve designed specifically for this set. Inside the round tin is a special soft covering for extra protection of your precious pin combs and T-pins. Such a great craft accessory gift for a serious knitter.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – At Woolove we strive for perfection in our knitting and crochet supplies just as you strive for perfection in your crafting. If you are not 100% happy with this purchase please feel free to contact us. BUY YOURS TODAY and cut blocking time preparation down by half, at least.

– We take pride in knowing that we help you create amazing crafts.

Not just ordinary pins, this set is made from RUST PROOF STAINLESS STEEL. The pins are particularly sharp and easy to use.
You’ll have no problem blocking and the pins will never leave marks or holes in your finished item.

2 different types of pins in one set.
* 10 Blocking Pin Combs of 6 pins each, for quick stretching of the piece to be blocked.
* 50 T-Pins enable you to get to small or rounded areas.

Each pin comb of 6 pins comes with its own cover ensuring that when they are not in use, the pins are fully protected from bending or breaking. You too are protected from accidental pricking or scratching.

All the pins fit in the special metal storage bin. You’ll never have to hunt them down because they’re safely tucked away in their own container. The storage tin has a padded interior for extra protection for these important knitting tools.

Whether you’re a seasoned knitter, crocheter, lace maker, needlepoint fan or a beginner, your aim is to create the very best craft work that you can. Blocking is simply the icing on the cake or, if you prefer… the stretching of the fabric.
Your project is finally finished and it’s time to straighten seams, even tension, relax stitches and define the intricate pattern that you’ve worked on for so long in order to bring out the very best in your work.

Always finish your projects with blocking. It’s the difference between an OK piece of work and a fabulous creation. Enjoy the praise you’ll receive for every single piece of knitting, crochet or other needlework you create.

BUY YOURS TODAY and do it like the professionals.