Cleaning Monitor TV Tablet Kit


Cleaning Monitor TV Tablet Kit

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Cleaning Monitor TV Tablet Kit

  •  Alcohol-free formulation
  •  Non-toxic and non-hazardous
  •  Wipe off dust or dirt/greasy marks from your TV, laptop, smartphone, tablet and other screens
  •  250 ml cleaning solution
  •  The kit comes with a microfibre cloth

Anti-Static Screen Cleaning Kit is perfect for wiping dirty or greasy marks from your smartphone, tablet, TV, laptop and any other screens. It can be used on all screen types, including LCD and plasma. The kit can be used to clean dirty marks from your screens and protect against future marks. You can use it on all laptop, TV and handheld device screens. The formula is alcohol-free and non-hazardous for your peace of mind. It will leave a streak-free finish. The pack includes a 250 mL cleaning solution and a microfibre cloth.