Vacuum Sealer Roll Bags 28CMx6M for Vacuum Sealer(2Pack)


Vacuum Sealer Roll Bags 28CMx6M for Vacuum Sealer

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Vacuum Sealer Roll Bags 28CMx6M for Vacuum Sealer(2Pack)

  • Jumbo 28cmx6M Roll Bags 2Packs – a heavy-duty & economical alternative to Food Saver, Seal a Meal and other brand name food sealer bags. High in quality, economical in price.
  • Food Safe Material – BPA Free and FDA Approved. Provides protection in the fridge, freezer, microwave & sous vide vacume cooking. Plus great for vacuum sealing and storage of household items.
  • Work In All Vacuum Sealers Machine – Including FoodSaver, Seal-a-Meal, Weston, Cabelas, and others clamp-type vacuum heat sealer machines. Designed for maximum vacuum and a strong seal.
  • Popular Convenient Jumbo Roll – Pack includes 2 Pcs 28cm x 6m Combo Bag Rolls. Cut to length roll allows you to determine the size necessary to make the perfect sealed pack keeping your foods fresh longer.
  • Heavy-Duty Commercial Grade Quality – Designed with 3.5 mil front panel, 4 mil embossed back panel provides a max air-free pack locking in freshness and flavor. Under vacuum your foods will last 3 to 5 times longer with no freezer burn or dehydration.
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Vacuum Sealer bags and rolls Waste less, enjoy more!

LOWER PRICES with GREATER VALUE Commercial Grade Rolls and Pre-cut Bags with inexpensive pricing.

Bags and Rolls are EASY & CONVENIENT to use!

Save more food so that you can enjoy life more.

EASY to VACUUM and SEAL, HEAVY DUTY Embossed Micro Channel design make it efficient for vacuuming and sealing

Air and water proof material prevents leaking and freezer burn

The included Bone Guard can be used to prevent food from puncturing the vacuum bag.

It is ideal for storing or sous vide cooking T-bone calves, denim bones, ribs, seafood with fishbone or shells, and more.



Perfect for Storage, Meal Prep and Sous Vide.

Keep Freshness and Flavor in your food Extend shelf-time 3-6 times longer